Three Alarm Fire
(a completed manuscript)


The stories in this collection center the pain of isolation, longing, betrayal, and desire, while celebrating the survivalist spirit that persists on what tomorrow can bring. We meet characters who defy their constraints, from a woman who lost her fiance to police brutality and makes love to the cell phone that recorded his final moments to an immigrant boy detained by ICE who becomes a superhero and sets himself on avenging his mother's death. We encounter a range of styles, from hybrid works that combine illustration and poetry to prose that imagines the birth of the word 'sex.' Each passing story raises the stakes in a world of people laying everything on the line to find hope and strength in loss.


Individual pieces have been previously published in Moss, Waccamaw, West Branch, KGB Lit, and Split Lip Magazine, among others.

Currently being submitted for publication.


Below is [not] Salvador Plascencia's review of THREE ALARM FIRE