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The Works: Essays

"Escape and the Sound of Water," Yellow Medicine Review , June 2022

“Court of a Stolen Mixtape,” The Under Review, December 2020

“The Art of Leadership, No. 1,” Carolina Quarterly, November 2020

“When My Name is José,” Nasiona, August 2020

“The Art of Leadership, No. 2,” Bateau, Fall 2019

“i ain’t writing you no immigration story,” Florida Review, Fall 2018

“Considering John,” Letters, July 2018

“For the Love of Plastic,” Ascentos Review, February 2016

“In the Closet,” The Brooklyner, December 2013

“A More Perfect Island,” The Busy Signal, January 2011

The Works: Fictions

“Warrior, New Jersey,” West Branch, January 2022

"Body at the Stairwell to the Waves," South Seattle Emerald, January 2022

“Nothing Plays Itself,” Orca, November 2020

“The Way It Ends,” Moss, August 2020

“Poetics of a Broken Conversation,” Waccamaw Journal, Fall 2018

“An Assessment of Time,” Cobalt, July 2016

“Review of a Serial Ejaculator,” KGB Lit Magazine, January 2016

Excerpt from A Summer’s Lynching (novella), Bengal Lights, November 2014

“Paul Jean Paul’s Reliable Write-in,” Crony Magazine, February 2014

“Review of Philip Roth’s Review of A Summer’s Lynching,” Alice Blue Review, January 2014

“Stories From a Place Called Landing, No. 14,” Ampersand Review, June 2013

“In Defense of Unnameable Things,” Split Lip Magazine, March 2013

“In the House of Flying Words,” Used Furniture Review, October 2012

“The Institute of Joy,” KGB Lit Magazine, June 2012

“Rhapsody in Five Parts,” Assisi, April 2012

“A War for Rigoberto Chismón,” Storyscape, March 2012

“the Mayor’s Narract,” Anemone Sidecar, January 2012

“That Nikolai,” The Adroit Journal, December 2011

“Patricia Rimbaud,” Slash Pine Anthology, 2011

“Making Sex,” Cavalier Literary Couture, March 2011

“Pages for Pooty-Pooty,” Arcadia Magazine, March 2011 (Reprint Zine-Scene, October 2011)

“Interview with a Starving Man,” Steel Toe Review, November 2010

“The Burning of Father Amelio’s Church,” Tertulia Magazine, November 2006