A Summer's Lynching

(Quarterly West, 2017)

The catalyzing event of A Summer's Lynching is a war vet's suicide, the death of a man no one knew and which a whole neighborhood must confront. Emotions spill onto the street. Prying eyes unlock his bedroom door. An impromptu vigil awakens the guilt and shame his neighbors feel for what they could have done for the man but didn't. Inevitably, the night culminates with the unthinkable, the tragedy authorities resort to just to scare everyone back into their apartments. A Summer's Lynching is the story of us in the face of the heroes we lose.

A Summer’s Lynching: A Novella in Thirteen Loops has the affect of the saddest symphonies that I have heard. Folkloric, rhythmic, and spare, its form is quite simply haunting. The procession begins with the title, and each dignified phrase carries us — hard and sad — to the end. A collective novella about us — and about you — A Summer’s Lynching is an important and very cool book.

Kate Bernheimer

author of How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales


"When a story is retold, hues lighten. Shades darken. Words become an amalgamation of things that should have happened. When a story is retold, people become larger than the places they've been, and unexpected shouts become intentional screams until no one remembers who it was that covered their ears first. Such is the case with this story."