Elements of a Bystander

(Arcadia Press, 2018)

Elements of a Bystander was conceived as a way to understand one thing: how men respond, or don't, to gendered violence. Do we accept that we regularly fail to empathize, even sympathize, with the women around us who experience harassment or assault? Or can we learn to go from bystander to intervener, abettor to helper in the healing process? It's in this spirit that this chapbook becomes more than just a short collection of heartbreaking accounts. For the life of this chapbook, 50% of all sales proceeds will be donated to Kent HOPE Day Center for Women and Children. The center serves as a shelter for families who find themselves homeless for any number of reasons, not only because of violence or physical danger. However, so many of the women and children who benefit from what KentHOPE provides have experienced their share of physical and emotional hopelessness. This chapbook will offer what it can to KentHOPE's mission in the healing process. Starting February 2018, as sales become donations, a running counter below will track how much we've been able to raise. Thank you for all your support!

KentHOPE Fundraising: $1,156.00 (rev. February 2019)

"To borrow a painting metaphor, this poetic, stream of consciousness triptych merges confidently into an impressionist mood despite the aesthetic imperative, in bookstores and on campuses, that classical forms are the acme of possibility. Like most editors and writers, we at Arcadia are enormously interested in empathy, its absence, guilt, and various phenomena sometimes referred to as the Bystander Effect. Reyes humanizes these ideas and concepts with realistic and affecting voices, and has positioned himself to be counted among a new generation of voices worth our time."

Benjamin Reed

Fiction Editor, Arcadia Press


“He asked me until I gave in. Until I told him about the things he’d thought he’d heard. He was precocious enough to imagine stories in the sounds and hanging wires beneath the moon and ledge. His window pane was old enough to jitter with passing traffic. The fire escape clung, barely, to bricks stacked so long ago that every element of the night, compared to their birth, made for a different world. The neighbor’s potted plants on the fire escape rattled as if begging for attention.”